Affiliate Marketing: Best Money Making Business

Many of us think about the best way to earn money online and In this Corona Pandemic, many people have lost their job. So what is the best way to make money online in this Digital World?

So, here I am writing about the best way by which we can earn a lot of money without working very hard. Now you might think that is it possible to make money online with less effort. Then the answer is “Yes”. You can earn money online with less effort but remember I didn’t say with “no effort’. There is nothing that can be earned without efforts.

Now, many of us don’t know about Affiliate Marketing. Many people think It’s a scam because of not having knowledge.

So let’s learn something about Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s start with the question that many people are having “What is Affiliate Marketing?”

Affiliate Marketing is an online business by which a person can earn money by promoting another company or person’s products. The Affiliate simply searches for a product according to his/her niche and then promotes the product on blogs, websites, social media platforms, etc, and earns money with each sale he/she make.

An affiliate earns commission when someone makes a purchase through his unique link. The sales are tracked via Affiliate Link from one website to another. Affiliate Marketing has very huge earning potential.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

You might be thinking why should I start Affiliate Marketing and what are the benefits?

So, here are some points:

  • It has Huge Earning Potential
  • It is Cost-Effective
  • It is Perform Based
  • It has Low risk

Who should do Affiliate Marketing?

After learning the benefits of Affiliate Marketing. You might be thinking who should do Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing doesn’t require any age factor. If you are a housewife, student, business owner, an employee, or even a retired person then you can easily do it. As a student, you can do it for your pocket money. 

Niche Selection

Now, let’s discuss how to select a good niche.

So, before starting the promotion we should select a good product according to our niche. So, Niche selection is very important before promoting any product. We shouldn’t promote random products because if we do so then we will be stuck one day and it will be very difficult to make money.

So, our first step is to select a good niche for Affiliate Marketing. There are many good niches which we can choose but instead of choosing any random niche, we should choose a niche which is good for our audience as well as for us.

Always select only one niche don’t select more than one niche at a time otherwise it will collapse.

If you select a niche such as Personality Development which comes under the health niche and after that don’t select a niche that differs from it because if you do so then you can’t promote two products at a time and then your audience won’t take you seriously.

There are many good niches that can be selected as you can select a niche such as “pets, health, sports, relationships, etc”.

After selecting the product according to your niche gather all the required information which is important for your product. If someone asks you about your product then you should give them enough details regarding it. If you can’t explain your product properly then you might lose the sale.

Funnel Creation

Before knowing about funnel creation we will discuss What is funnel?

A funnel is just like a path that is used to target the right audience for your product. It helps to create a customer journey path by which we can target the right potential customer to our product.

Imagine if you are promoting a product and you are getting good leads but not getting sales then you need to build a funnel that will help you to reach your target customer which then helps you to get sales.

How to create Funnels?

After learning the importance of funnel we will discuss how to create a funnel?

A funnel should be created in such a way which helps to get good sales. There are a lot of softwares in the market which can help you to create good funnels.

You can use Clickfunnel, GrooveFunnel for making funnels. Click Funnel is a little bit costly. If you want to make funnels for free then you should go with Groove Funnel.

Some good Affiliate Networks

Some of the good Affiliate Networks are listed below:

  • CJ Affiliate
  • V Commission(Indian)
  • JV-Zoo
  • Digistore24
  • Click Bank
  • Warrior Plus

If you are thinking to start Affiliate Marketing then this article will help you to understand the basics. I’ll write more articles about it in the future.

If you have already started Affiliate Marketing and you have read this blog until this point then let me know about you and your challenges further.


Sapan Pandey