How to do Email Marketing


In this article, we are going to discuss Email Marketing, its importance, and the way to extend the open rate of your emails.

Initially, we will discuss Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is that sort of marketing that’s wont to make our customers conscious of new products, services, and discounts. If you would like to form a private brand then email marketing is that the best thanks to doing so.

Email Marketing is extremely helpful in developing relationships with prospects and customers. If you’re into the digital marketing field then you want to realize Email Marketing and you ought to remember the facility of email marketing.

When you send emails with people’s permission then it’s called Email Marketing.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

If you think that that email marketing is dead then you’re missing the metrics, email marketing is getting stronger day by day. the facility of email marketing is increasing because people specialize in someone who sends emails to them and this may increase your brand value.

Who should do Email Marketing?

Can I do Email Marketing?

This is the first question that comes to everyone’s mind.

So basically, who should do Email Marketing?

If you’re an entrepreneur, if you’ve got a service, if you’ve got products, if you’re self-employed, if you would like to be known, if you would like your product or service to be known, if you would like to be a private brand, if you would like to figure as a freelancer and need to supply your services to others then you ought to do Email Marketing.

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Mistakes to be avoided in Email Marketing

As a beginner, you ought to realize the mistakes that are very small but can also be very big.

  • Some mistakes you ought to avoid before starting Email Marketing
  • Never buy email ids
  • Do not collect email ids then send them through Gmail.
  • If you’ve got created an email list then don’t send emails all the time

Why People want my Email? How to make this happen?

Why do people want my email? This question arises once we start email marketing.

If you want people to get your emails then you have to keep a few points in your mind.

First, create a Lead Magnet.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A Lead Magnet may be a free giveaway to accumulate details of individuals. nobody goes to offer you the info freed from cost. So, Lead Magnet plays a crucial role in getting the info of users.

What should be given to people as a Lead Magnet?

Before giving a lead magnet we expect what to offer people as a lead magnet. you’ll give the subsequent things as a lead magnet.

  • Ebooks
  • Case Studies
  • Webinar
  • Videos
  • Series of Videos
  • Consultation

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How to ensure that people open your emails?

Tell people to inbox your mails.

  • Reply with the email
  • Tell them if you got my email to spam or promotion folder move it to the primary.
  • Give gifts
  • Give Ebooks

Subject Lines- Better Subject lines means better response.

Write some curiosity-generating subject line like Do you know, You won’t believe it, etc.

Some subject lines you can use are listed below-

Delete this(Subject Line) or you are about to delete. Use this subject line due to curiosity people will open your email.

We can send videos(If use video as a subject line then the possibility of opening the email increases.


Some commands you can include- “open it, don’t miss it, take action now, do it now, etc.”

Some examples you can use-

At the beginning of your email write what you are going to say.

“Winners take initiatives in life and that they take action to become successful in life. Are you a winner? Then this chance is supposed exactly for you.”

You can use the above line in your email.

Send Resends

Suppose if you’ve got sent an email to an individual which person doesn’t open the e-mail. The advantage of an Email service provider is you get to understand who has not opened your email.

What to do if anyone is not opening your Email?

Firstly make an inventory digitally who haven’t opened the e-mail and send them an equivalent mail to non-openers

Increase your IP reputation means your email will be landed in the updates folder(primary folder).

 Understand Email Analytics

CTR(Click Through Ratio)

CTR means what percentage of peoples are clicking on the link in your mail. Get more replies to your mail.

CTR is that the percentage of individuals who have opened the mail then have clicked on the link of the mail. CTR goes up then IP reputation goes up. 

If your CTR is low, it means your email isn’t targeted enough then u must improve your copy. Write some better content for your mail it’ll increase the open rate of your email.

Does content help in increasing the open rate?

If you’re thinking the content doesn’t increase the open rate of mail then it’d be time to reevaluate it.

If your copy isn’t ok then it’ll increase the likelihood of unsubscribers in your email list. If this happens then you’ve got to enhance the content of your mail otherwise your mails will land into the spam folder or promotion folder.

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Decreasing IP Reputation

Do not use words like SALE, gifts, easy way to make money, the discounted price, Earn(in body or subject line).

Google will decrease your IP reputation.

Not having good content in your email will also decrease your IP Reputation.

A decrease in IP Reputation means your emails won’t land in the primary tab.

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Autopilot After purchasing send them, a welcome mail like congratulations on purchasing the course. Here is a free ebook.

You can sell the product or you can invite on webinar after providing values.

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Top 7 Best Email Service Providers

Here are 7 best Email Marketing Service Providers you can use for your Email Marketing

  • Aweber(Best value for low subscriber count)
  • Active Campaign(Best sales CRM with email marketing capabilities)
  • Mail Chimp(Best for startup and also a good landing page builder)
  • Hubspot( Best for inbound marketing management
  • Convertkit(Best for eCommerce and easy to use also has good landing page templates)
  • Getresponse(Best all-in-one solution for automated lead generation
  • GrooveFunnels(free to use and also has a good landing page builder